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Vestfrost FAQs

Installation Specifications

The manufacturer (Vestfrost of Denmark) recommends a minimum clearance of 1/2" around the sides and back and 2 to 3" overhead, so the unit may properly dissipate the heat it gives off. More clearance is, of course, just fine.

How to Defrost A Vestfrost Refrigerator

Defrosting is a pretty simple procedure and takes maybe 20-30 minutes. First, unplug the refrigerator. Then put your frozen goods in a cooler. Next, put hot (but not boiling) pans of water into the freezer. There's a little flap in the front of the bottom of the freezer that you can fold out so the melting ice will flow into a pan, but I usually do that and put an old towel around the front to catch any dripping water. After 15-20 minutes or so (30 at most if there's a lot of ice build-up) you can easily remove the ice that's left, wipe it down and plug it in again, returning your frozen goods to the freezer. It won't hurt the 'fridge to be unplugged for a while (but it's important that it remained unplugged for at least 20 minutes or so; short times without power, like 5 minutes or so, can be hard on the compressors according to the manufacturer). By the way, the more full your freezer is, the more efficient it operates--even if you are just storing ice in there!

Keep it Full!

Never run any refrigerator or freezer from any manufacturer when it is empty. You should always have something inside each compartment (at least a few jugs of water or something like that). Air alone does not retain enough cooling for the thermostat to properly sense the temperature; your compressor will end up running much more that necessary. Also, your freezer will operate more efficiently if full; if you are the sort who doesn't have many goods in your freezer, add sacks of ice to keep it full. It will cycle less and use less electricity. And, if there is an extended power outage, you will be the toast of your neighbors as you will have ice to spare.

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