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ConServ energy efficient refrigerators and freezers by Vestfrost are ideal to supplement your solar home

European AC Refrigeration
(formerly called ConServ) by Vestfrost
Conserv efficient refrigerators by Vestfrost, Vestfrost ConServ refrigerators, Conserve freezers by Vestfrost, energy efficient refrigerators and freezers

**ConServ/Vestfrost is no longer being imported in the U.S. We have a limited number of refrigerators left (MODEL CP171 in White). Call and order yours now before they are gone for good!**

Made by Vestfrost of Denmark

Vestfrost refrigerators (formerly known as ConServ) are still available in the ever popular white model but are no longer available with stainless steel doors.  The manufacturer has discontinued production of the stainless steel units.  Click here for information on a stainless steel alternative model, imported by Summit Appliance. Click here for information on Energy Star-listed euro-style models, also produced by Summit, available in white and stainless steel.

These refrigerators by Vestfrost offer energy-efficient, CFC-free operation in a uniquely designed package.  Each unit is built with all recyclable parts by the largest manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers in Scandinavia -- ISO-certified Vestfrost.

The Vestfrost, designed by internationally acclaimed  Bang & Olufsen artist David Lewis, is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.  The fresh food section is located at "waist-to-eye" level, with the freezer compartment on the bottom.  The condenser and cooling tubes are built into the walls of the unit, the back is sealed to keep dust out of the working parts, and the unit can sit flush against a wall as there are no exposed coils.   This "sealed" design allows for quiet and ultra-efficient operation.  The freezer has three drawers along with an ice drawer, making very efficient use of the space in the unit.

Click here to view more pictures of these sleek,
attractive energy efficient refrigerators or here for refrigerator only models if you already have a freezer.

Vestfrost by Conserv, Made in Denmark, energy star rated, energy efficient, low carbon foot print
Click for larger picture!


Vestfrost by Conserv made in Denmark, energy star rated
Click for larger picture!

Vestfrost Refrigerator Features:

1)  Built-in condenser for lower energy consumption
2)  CFC-free refrigerant and foam
3)  Separate compressor for fridge and freezer
4)  Left OR right hand door opening
(easy to change with no special tools or expertise).
5)  Attractive European styling
6)  1 year warranty
1)  Net Capacity (refrigerator):  7.1 cu. ft.
2)  Net Capacity (freezer):  3.4 cu. ft.
3)  Height:  79.2"
4)  Width:  23.6"
5)  Depth (excluding handle):  23.4"
6)  Freezing capacity (24 hours):  39.5 lbs.
7)  Compressor (refrigerator): surge 14.5A; run, 1.0A
8)  Compressor (freezer):  surge, 16A, run, 1.5A
9)  Power Consumption (24 hours): at  90°F -- 1.5 Kwh* (~547Kwh annually)
10) Standard Voltage:  120V, 60 HZ
11) Cord Length: 6'4"
12) Freezer defrosts manually.

*In its heyday, the Vestfrost was among the most efficient refrigerators on the market. However, the Vestfrost is considered by the manufacturer to be a "commercial" unit and as such is not eligible for listing as a U.S. DOE Energy Star product. The energy rating of 1.5KWH per day is a worst-case scenario; the Vestfrost generally uses around 1 kwh per day, depending on ambient temperature. Because of it sleek design and small footprint, it is still very desirable for those with limited kitchen space.

PRICE:  Model CP 171W (White): ............................................... $1229 **ONLY 200 LEFT**

 This model is no longer sold in the U.S.

NOTE:  These are not stocked locally and are shipped from our supplier back east.  Please call us for a freight quote.

Model number 375 is the Vestfrost manufacturer's number for these models; our supplier uses the model number above).

Parts for your later model ConServ/Vestfrost are available from Summit Appliance, parts@summitappliance.com or call them at 800-932-4267 (ext. 591 is their parts department and reference part no. CP-171).

KWH per year (kilowatt hours per year) usage of the Vestfrost refrigerator is about 1.5kwh per day (at an ambient temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit) or around 548 per annum.  Some EPA ratings may be misleading--as the numbers depend on ambient temps--and the dollars needed for operation, per year, depend on what you're paying per kilowatt hour.  Some folks in the USA pay as little as three cents per KWH -- and some pay as much as thirty-five cents!

Award of European Union Ecolabel

The Vestfrost Group was the first company worldwide to obtain the Community Ecolabel.  A clean environment and A/S Vestfrost - two sides to the same issue.  Vestfrost is the first in the industry to document compliance with all EU energy and environmental criteria. EU's green flower label symbolizes that products do not deplete the ozone layer, nor add to the greenhouse effect.  In 1992 the Commission of the European Communities introduced a regulation  for the ecolabelling of refrigerators and freezers by groups, which in 1994, moreover, was included in the EU-directive concerning energy labeling.  On October 3rd, 1996, this led to the final resolution of the Commission in favor of criteria for the award of the Community Ecolabel, European Union.  The object is to promote design, production, marketing and use of products which have a reduced adverse effect on the environment during their entire life cycle, and to give better information to the consumers about the effect on the environment of the products.  Consumers have so far not been able to see whether a refrigerator or freezer is environmentally acceptable. The "flower" assures consumers of  the environmentally acceptable choice. The EU eco-label criteria generally require that no materials or gases are used that deplete the ozone layer or add to global warming. Product materials must be recycled as far as possible. Finally, refrigerators and freezers must be energy efficient.

Note from Chris Daum, Owner of Oasis Montana:

We live with the products we sell! I’ve had a ConServ refrigerator/freezer in my home now since 1996. These units were the precursor of the current Vestfrost, being identical in specifications save that the new style doors curve slightly outward, as opposed to the straight doors of the old  ConServ models. The new door design is considered to be a more "modern European styling" than the old version.

This unit is not a frost-free unit (energy efficient units are rarely frost-free), but I just recently defrosted it for the second time after
over four years of use--so they do not accumulate frost readily.

And, its "small 2' X 2' footprint" allows the unit to fit into a small kitchen like mine.

Lastly, I run this most of the year off of my 480 watt array, through a Trace DR1524 inverter! I couldn’t touch a conventional refrigerator with that small an array of solar modules.

Can you tell I really like this product? I’m proud to be selling a quality, energy efficient ‘fridge like this!

(Note:  We now have a Radian GS8048 inverter and also run office equipment off our system.)

ATTENTION owners of older-model Vestfrost models!!!

If you have been looking for replacement handles, we have found a website in Great Britain offering two types of handles that may fit your older Vestfrost refrigerator.  Go to http://www.espares.co.uk/search?SearchTerm=vestfrost%20handle to see two available handles.

The plastic universal handle featured on the above website did not earn very good reviews, but the metal handle appears to fit the bill.  Unfortunately, it isn't cheap, selling for just under $45, not including shipping. 

But for those of you who have looked high and low for replacements, you know there aren't any available in the U.S., and espares may be the only place on the planet that carries Vestfrost replacement handles.  If anyone out there has found an alternative, let us know!



Installation Specifications

The manufacturer (Vestfrost of Denmark) recommends a minimum clearance of 1/2" around the sides and back and 2 to 3" overhead, so the unit may properly dissipate the heat it gives off. More clearance is, of course, just fine.

How to Defrost A Vestfrost Refrigerator

Defrosting is a pretty simple procedure and takes maybe 20-30 minutes. First, unplug the refrigerator. Then put your frozen goods in a cooler. Next, put hot (but not boiling) pans of water into the freezer. There's a little flap in the front of the bottom of the freezer that you can fold out so the melting ice will flow into a pan, but I usually do that and put an old towel around the front to catch any dripping water. After 15-20 minutes or so (30 at most if there's a lot of ice build-up) you can easily remove the ice that's left, wipe it down and plug it in again, returning your frozen goods to the freezer. It won't hurt the 'fridge to be unplugged for a while (but it's important that it remained unplugged for at least 20 minutes or so; short times without power, like 5 minutes or so, can be hard on the compressors according to the manufacturer). By the way, the more full your freezer is, the more efficient it operates--even if you are just storing ice in there!

Keep it Full!

Never run any refrigerator or freezer from any manufacturer when it is empty. You should always have something inside each compartment (at least a few jugs of water or something like that). Air alone does not retain enough cooling for the thermostat to properly sense the temperature; your compressor will end up running much more that necessary. Also, your freezer will operate more efficiently if full; if you are the sort who doesn't have many goods in your freezer, add sacks of ice to keep it full. It will cycle less and use less electricity. And, if there is an extended power outage, you will be the toast of your neighbors as you will have ice to spare.

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